Too Young to Worry About Retirement? Think Again

A recent analysis of the Federal Reserve’s 2013 Survey of Consumer Finances uncovered an unfortunate statistic. The study, performed by the Economic Policy Institute, found that the average American household has only $5,000 in retirement savings.1 Why so little? The answers vary. Some workers may be at companies that don’t offer retirement contributions. Others may… read more

3 Options If You’re Short on Retirement Savings

There’s no doubt that retirement is a major financial goal. In order to meet your goal, you may have to save for decades. While past generations could rely on pension benefits, today’s retirees have to shoulder much of the burden through personal savings and investing. Are you concerned that you won’t have enough money for… read more

Tuition or Retirement: Which Should Be Your Saving Priority?

What should be the saving priority? If you’re like many families, there are only so many dollars left every month for saving. You have to pay everyday expenses such as housing costs, debt payments, utilities, food and more. There are also those discretionary costs that help you and your family enjoy life. After you pay… read more

Your Retirement Reality Reaches 1,000th Retirement Education Event

Original article LEAWOOD, Kan. – Since launching its first educational event Quarter 4 of 2015, Your Retirement Reality has reached a new milestone in educational excellence by hosting its 1,000th event. The monumental event continues to reinforce their mission to provide more than 30,000 pre-retirees and current retirees with guidance in converting retirement savings into retirement income. In… read more

3 Ways to Fund Your Education as an Adult

Are you headed back to school, either to get an advanced degree or even to finish your bachelor’s? Furthering your education could be a great way to learn new skills, advance your career and boost your earning potential. Of course, higher education isn’t cheap, no matter what type of degree you’re pursuing. You may also… read more

Post-Retirement Options for Your 401(k) Plan

Your retirement may last decades, so it’s important to manage your 401(k) so that it lasts for the long run. The decisions you make regarding your 401(k) will impact whether the funds last through your lifetime. You have a number of options available, but each comes with its own benefits and important considerations. You’ve spent… read more

4 Signs It’s Time to Review Your Life Insurance Coverage

Life insurance. It may not be the most fun topic to think about. After all, it’s a product put to use after you pass away. There’s nothing pleasant about thinking about one’s own demise. It’s a wise idea to regularly review your life insurance to make sure it meets your needs. However, for many people,… read more

Retirement Relocation: How to Find Your Ideal Destination

While relocation may bring a buzz of excitement to your planning, it can also generate some big questions. The biggest may be how you choose the right place to become your new home. Some retirees know exactly where they want to move, but for many others it’s a bit of an open-ended question. Also, if… read more

3 Retirement Income Planning Tips for the Late Starter

It’s easy to fall behind on retirement income savings. There are so many other responsibilities you face in life, from owning a home to paying off debt to raising children. Many people choose to put retirement on the back burner while they address more pressing financial obligations. Did you get a late start on retirement… read more

3 Risks That Could Sink Your Retirement

According to a recent Gallup poll, 64 percent of Americans say they are concerned about having enough money in retirement. That makes retirement America’s number one financial concern for the 15th year in a row. In fact, it’s been the top concern every year since Gallup started conducting the study.1 Many Americans assume that the… read more