Touring the corners of the globe. Basking near a campfire, surrounded by grandchildren. Learning French . . . painting watercolor landscapes . . . handcrafting furniture . . . serving up meals in a soup kitchen . . . knitting baby hats.

When you think about retirement, what do you picture? Whatever it is, one thing is certain: you’ll need money to fund those big—and not-so-big—plans.

You might stop working at a certain age, but the daily demands of life won’t stop coming. Mortgage payments. Car repairs. Cell phone bills. Medical expenses. And those are just a few of the basics. You’ll still want to enjoy your favorite restaurants, escape on weekend getaways, lavish those adorable grandkids with gifts, maybe take a cruise or six . . . you get the idea.

If you may be getting confused thinking about how to afford your retirement, take a deep breath. Planning for retirement income doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Understanding the basic principles of financial and retirement income planning and financial planning basics can make your golden years much clearer and less complicated. The pages in this section cover the basics:

Relax. You’ve got this. Think of all the things you’re already doing to secure your family’s financial future. Working hard, saving, budgeting, investing—you know how to get things done. And we’re here to help you with the retirement income part.

So: Make a list of places you want to visit. Go ahead and plan that hobby shop you’ll build in your backyard. And don’t forget to perfect your campfire skills—so your grandkids can work on their s’mores.