What is Your Retirement Reality?


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Sequence of Returns

How might the sequence of returns affect your retirement income?

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Can You Work and Receive Social Security Benefits?

Considering working in retirement? That could be a wise decision. Supplemental income from a part-time or seasonal job could help you fund your expenses and support your desired lifestyle. A job could also help you fill your free time and maintain social connections....

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Can You Use Life Insurance to Give to Charity?

Are you passionate about helping charitable causes? Do you want to use your legacy to improve the lives of others? If so, you have a number of planning options available, including charitable trusts, donation of investments and outright cash gifts. One...

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Lack Retirement Confidence? An Annuity May Help

Few people know that it is only in the last 100 years that anyone, sherpas included, would have considered climbing Mount Everest. By local families around the base of Mount Everest, it was considered a place where evil spirits dwelled. A trek up “the...

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